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Kathmandu Annapurna 1400m-8481m
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Kathmandu Kanchenjunga 1400m-8586m
Kathmandu Langtang 1400m-7234m
Kathmandu Everest Base Camp 1400m-5380m
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Kathmandu Island Peak 1400m-6189m
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Kathmandu Dhaulagiri Base Camp 1400m-4748m
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Kathmandu Larkya pass 1400m-5200m
Kathmandu Helambu 1400m-3650m
Kathmandu Mount Lohtse 1400m-8516m
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Kathmandu Cho-oyu 1400m-8201m
Kathmandu Annapurna-IV 1400m-7525m
Kathmandu Annapurna-I 1400m-8091m
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Adventure sports in Nepal

  • 24 Oct 2016
Adventure sports in Nepal

Adventure sports in Nepal had been looming under the shadow of trekking in the past. But that is not the present case. Nepal is known in many countries as a hub for adventure sports. Mother nature did not bless Nepal with the sea but sprinkled the country with other natural resources- raging rivers, deep canyons, and gorges, majestic mountains and lovely cliffs overlooking beautiful valleys; which perfectly sets the platform for launching adventure tourism in Nepal.

Today, Nepal is known as one of the countries with great potential for adventure sports. Here is a list of adventure sports in Nepal (setting aside trekking, mountaineering expeditions, and peak climbing, for which Nepal is too famous).

  1. Skydiving from Everest
  2. Bungee Jumping
  3. Paragliding/ Para-hawking
  4. Zip Flying
  5. Mountain Biking in Nepal
  6. Canyoning in Nepal
  7. Ultra light flying
  8. White Water River Rafting/ Kayaking
  9. Rock Climbing in Nepal
  10. Hot Air Ballooning

Skydiving from Everest

Not many people know about skydiving in Nepal. But Skydiving is available in Nepal. It is playground of the daredevils. Flying in a plane above the tallest of the tallest and jumping off to abysmal depths is perfect for adrenaline junkies reading this article. Everest

Skydiving is organized by Everest- Skydive. It is a bit expensive though. If you are preparing to go for skydiving, also be prepared to pour in some money as well.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the popular adventure sports in Nepal. Internal and external tourist flock the few and far between bungee jumping spots in Nepal. Voluntarily jumping off of a suspension bridge to feel like a flying bird for some moments is really an experience worth having. You have to clear some of the medical criteria to be eligible for Bungee Jumping.

Bungee Jumping is not as costlier as Skydiving- more than 10 folds cheaper than skydiving.

Two places in Nepal are particularly famous for Bungee Jumping in Nepal- the Last Resort and a bungee jump in Pokhara-the former being the more renowned and correctly so.

Paragliding/Para hawking

Paragliding is one of a kind adventure sports in Nepal. Jumping off of an already scenic spot only to experience it from a whole new dimension is something you can only experience- not explain.

The paragliding spot in Pokhara of Kaski district- Sarangkot-at an approximate altitude of 1400m is very famous among the tourists from within and outside the country. The area is always jam packed with the tourists assembling day in and day out for paragliding. That does not mean that you will always have to get to Pokhara to experience one. Paragliding around Kathmandu Valley is also available.

Paragliding in Nepal is a fairly affordable sport. The charge for the internal tourist is around 4000 without any video recording. With video recording, the cost is around 8000 Rupees. The charge for the external tourist is a bit higher.

There are incidents of people paragliding off of the summit of Mount Everest. So, if you are a paragliding expert looking for a challenge, you might even brace yourself for a paraglide of a lifetime.

Zip Flying

Zip flying is one of the lesser known adventure sport in Nepal.  But it surely is not one not worth experiencing. Nepal has the tallest zip line in the world. Jumping off of a suspension bridge strapped to a pulley suspended on a line- leaving yourself to the mercy of gravity will certainly give you good goose bumps.

The only place you can experience zip flying is Pokhara. The vertical drop is 600m and the inclination is 56 degrees. The total length of the line is approximately 1800m.

The cost of zip flying in Nepal is NRs 3000 for Nepalese and NRs 6500 for foreigners (2500 extra for video/photographs)

Physical and health demands for zip flying

  • Weight must be between 35 and 125 KG (75 to 275 Pounds).
  • Should be comfortable with heights
  • Should not have any back or neck problems
  • Not pregnant

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Simply put, Nepal has the potential to be a leader in Mountain biking. You can enjoy the Himalayas on a bike. The tracks are tailor made for mountain bikers- novices and the experts as well.

Biking not only opens a gate to the mountains, but it also opens a portal to the local culture and traditions. You can even indulge with the local, who are always curious of the fair-colored people.

There are a lot of places you can go for mountain biking in Nepal. You can bike in and around Kathmandu and Pokhara valley or go for a complete detour of a famous mountain like the Annapurna.

Canyoning in Nepal

Lowering yourself in a natural water park like platforms from the top of waterfalls is a great water sports in Nepal. You get to slide and tumble on the slippery rock face while a wall of water constantly accompanies you. The best part of the experience is always jumping from a suitable height to the beautiful natural pool below.

It is one of those sports which encourage people to cherish what nature has already provided. Declining off stiff cliff to spooky gorges where you have never been before will surely enthral you.

Canyoning, like Zip Flying, is very much still in the dark in Nepal. But it is gaining grounds on the other adventurous activities in Nepal.

Ultra light flying

In ultra light flying, you get to fly a small plane-like looking vehicle. The ones who had the privilege of taking such flight describe it with great fondness. A small vehicle will take you off for a scenic flight of a lifetime where you dictate where the flight heads.

This activity is available only in Pokhara. It is a short flight which will offer you an unforgettable vista of the Machhapuchhare mountain range with Phewa lurking in downtown Pokhara. The flight is pretty short- 15 to 30 minutes to be precise.

The cost of having one such experience is NRs. 12000 (2500 extra if you want photos/videos)

White water river rafting/ Kayaking

Nepal is the second richest country in terms of fresh water reservoirs. Supported by the ever present water in the form of ice and snow in the Himalaya, Nepal has many rivers suitable for white water river rafting. The torrent built up by the rivers is favourable for beginners and expert paddlers. The rapids are named

  • meat grinder
  • high anxiety
  • black hole
  • punch and Judy
  • Big Dipper
  • Dead man Eddy.

You can guess by these names what you are set to face.

Some of these rivers are so powerful that they cannot be navigated in monsoon without putting the ever important safety on the line.

National Geographic Adventures has identified Nepal’s Sun Koshi River Rafting as one of the best white water river rafting destinations. Sun Koshi river rafting usually lasts for 7 to 9 days.

The indulging period of a white water river rafting varies. Some of the packages which are fairly comfortable like the Trishuli River Rafting can be completed in a few days. Some that are strenuous take a lot longer- around 10 days like the Tamur River Rafting.

The cost is directly related to the number of days you are willing to raft. On average, the overall cost for one day of rafting in Nepal is around 65$.

The rafting companies do provide safety gears and equipments. But if you have your own gear you feel comfortable with, you are free to bring them.

Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing are the perfect adventure tour package for those who want to test their limb strength. Clinging with fingers off the sheer rock face can certainly give you a hair-raising experience. Those who get their kicks from conquering a rock face will certainly have their hands full when they take on one.

There are stiff cliffs around Kathmandu valley suited for rock climbing. Whether you want a strapped climb, or a free climb, your needs certainly will be fulfilled though, it is highly advised for novices to take a strapped climb. Rock climbing is a very dangerous sport, indeed.

The Nagarjuna and Buddhnilkantha are some of the places where you can go for a rock climb in Kathmandu Valley.

Hot Air ballooning (not operational at the moment)

Hot air ballooning is an activity which needs no introduction.

While on operation, the balloon operators mustered the balloons in the area of Thimi- a settlement in the historic Bhaktapur district. From there, it was taken off to great heights- 6000m to be specific. From such heights you could easily have spotted the Langtang range and Jugal Himal.

Ballooning was very popular in Kathmandu Valley around 10 years ago. You could see the big bloating balloons flying in the distance almost touching the clouds. This Nepal adventure tour package must have been taken out of operation to ensure the safety of aeroplane flights. The TIA (Tribhuwan International Airport) is in walking distance from where the balloons used to take off.


Every person will choose an adventure that suits the bill for him/her. Whatever trip you choose to have, you will undeniably have one heck of an adventure in Nepal. Whether you will want something that requires high risk maneuvers or something that can be done a routine basis, you will find your fit for one great adventure.


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