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Kathmandu Everest 1400m-8848m
Kathmandu Makalu 1400m-8481m
Kathmandu Annapurna 1400m-8481m
Kathmandu Dhaulagiri 1400m-8167m
Kathmandu Manaslu 1400m-8156m
Kathmandu Kanchenjunga 1400m-8586m
Kathmandu Langtang 1400m-7234m
Kathmandu Everest Base Camp 1400m-5380m
Kathmandu Renjolapass 1400m-5340m
Kathmandu Island Peak 1400m-6189m
Kathmandu Gokyo 1400m-5357m
Kathmandu Ghandruk 1400m-2000m
Kathmandu Muktinath 1400m-3710m
Kathmandu Dhaulagiri Base Camp 1400m-4748m
Kathmandu Tsum Valley 1400m-5093m
Kathmandu Thorongla pass 1400m-5416m
Kathmandu Larkya pass 1400m-5200m
Kathmandu Helambu 1400m-3650m
Kathmandu Mount Lohtse 1400m-8516m
Kathmandu Mount pumori 1400m-7161m
Kathmandu Cho-oyu 1400m-8201m
Kathmandu Annapurna-IV 1400m-7525m
Kathmandu Annapurna-I 1400m-8091m
Kathmandu Amadblam 1400m-6812m
Kathmandu Lakpari 1400m-7045m
Kathmandu Lobutche 1400m-4940m
Kathmandu Mera peak 1400m-6476m
Kathmandu Baruntse 1400m-7129m
Kathmandu Naya Kanga 1400m-5846m
Kathmandu Ruby valley 1400m-1853m

Everest Base Camp Trek- How difficult is it?

  • 26 Oct 2016
Everest Base Camp Trek- How difficult is it?

Every person who knows about the top of the world, dreams of feasting their eyes with the vista of Everest- The pinnacle of the world- whether they admit it or not. And the best place to do just that is the Everest Base Camp. But how fit do you need to be to climb Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp trekking requires a fairly fit person. The trek needs to be prepared for. It is best if you could train for a while before actually heading for it. But above all, you need to respect the Mother Nature and Everest trek itself.

You don’t need to be as fit as an athlete, but you must be able to walk good distance without major stops. That is how fit you need to be if you want to go for Everest Base Camp Trek.

A person more interested in dilly dallying than trekking should not sign up for this trek. There have been incidents on this trek when a person who signed up for this trek ended up being airlifted-not for serious medical condition, but because of fatigue. The person called in a helicopter trek to Everest and returned home instead. His trek was short lived. Lack of preparation cost him an experience of a lifetime. And his purse took a fairly good beating.

Here are some of the tips you can use to prepare for a 17 day long Everest Base Camp Trek.

It goes without saying, but you must train your legs to endure a little pain. Some of the workouts to strengthen your body includes:

  • Squats: This is one of the best workouts for your legs and your backs. This is also very important because you will be walking a great distance (approximately 130Km) in this trek. First, try the squats without any weight. When you gradually up your number of squats, you can go for squats with weights if you like. Also try squats on one leg- this will be fun, great for balance and strength.
  • Jogging/Running/Sprinting: Jogging regularly will take you a great distance during trekking. It helps you with your calf, quads, hamstring and glutes.
  • Push ups: This is probably the best known form of exercise till date. Push ups strengthens your arms, shoulder, chest and it is good for your heart.
  • Pull ups/ Chin ups: Pull-up is a harder exercise than push ups. This exercise is good for strengthening your arm. Try doing both front and back.
  • Weighted step ups: Weighted step ups as you can imagine are also of strengthening your leg muscles.
  • Jumping exercises: This exercise will help you while you descend. Your knees will need to withstand reasonable pressure on those descends.

Other forms of exercise you can get yourself indulged in are as follows:

  • Crunches
  • Crab Walk
  • The engine
  • Frog jumps
  • Hamstring curls

One thing you need to consider is the altitude you will be on. The trek starts at around 2800m. According to, there is only 90% of oxygen at 1000m, 80% at 2000m, 70% at 3000m, 61% at 4000m and only 50% at 5500m- approximately the altitude of Everest Base Camp.

So, as you would have guessed, it will not be as easy as you thought. But, it will certainly be a pleasurable and majestic experience. Train as hard as you can if you want to be on the safer side. Have an excellent trek. Good luck!


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