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Top Souvenirs to buy in Nepal

  • 16 Oct 2016
Top Souvenirs to buy in Nepal

A nice souvenir bought at the end of an extravagant trip only adds colour to that trip. When it comes to reminding yourself of a wonderful trip at regular intervals, these souvenirs work just fine. Nepal offers you a diverse set of souvenirs to choose from- colourful, historical, artistic and unique to the Nepalese culture & traditions.

There will be no shortage of some friends and family members expecting a nice souvenir from the country you have visited. And you will also have no shortage of souvenirs to buy here in Nepal for sure. The price ranges vary according to what you will get your hands on. But the value you will get in return is just too massive to compare it with the souvenir's price.

Here is a list of top souvenirs to buy in Nepal.

  1. Khukuri
  2. Statues
  3. Wooden arts
  4. Masks
  5. Thangka
  6. Paintings
  7. Cashmere/Pashmina
  8. Dhaka Topi/ Bhadgaonle Topi with a badge
  9. Jewellery


Khukuri is the secondary weapon of the legendary warriors- The Gurkhas. Khukuri is also donned the national security guards and bodyguards of VIPs. Khukuri is allowed to be donned even by public in public place when they are mixing it up with the national dress Daura Surwal.

Khukuri is symbolic of the identity of the bravery of the Gurkhas.  The style and the chic of the classic weapon have been adored by many foreigners. The transportation of this superb souvenir can give you a headache. Do not buy as big as you like. Keep the airport customs and security in mind and choose your favourable size.

The Khukuris might be expensive in Nepali currency buy when converted to the dollar denominations, it’s nothing. The price range can start from $50= NRS. 5000.


Nepal is famous all over the world for its guile in arts and crafts. Durbar squares laden with magnificent statues are the testimonials of this fact. The craftsmanship has been passed through generations and the descendants of those who made those spectacular palaces in the UNESCO world heritage site are still continuing their ancestor’s work.

You can get various statues made of various materials: clay, stone and metal (copper, brass, silver et al.) These things can literally change the way your mansion looks.

Though very appealing, these beautiful work of excellence can take a toll on your purse if you set your sights on the financially wrong item.

Wooden Arts

Wooden arts resemble the artistry of Humanoid Nepalese woodpeckers. The Nepalese “Ankhijhyal” is a one of a kind wooden artistry that can only be found in Nepal. The VIPs and big hotel use these wooden arts to enhance the look of their yard.

Some of these wooden arts have been known to cost thousands of dollars. But don’t worry. There are also ones which are economic. These wooden arts will give your house a zing of Nepalese look.


Masks are an important part of many cultures and Nepalese culture is not one off. If you have spent ample time in Kathmandu Valley, you must have seen them worn in one of the local festivals. Beautiful masks are showed off in numerous festivals.

These masks are elegant. The mask of Bhairav- one of the Hindu deities, is very famous and attractive and can be found everywhere. It is believed that it can fend off bad spirits.

These masks are relatively cheap. The price can start from anywhere around just $2.


Thangka is a traditional painting with a blend of Buddhism. Hundreds of hours of rigorous continuous expertise work are needed for making a single piece of this extraordinary art.

So, it is no wonder to hear that these paintings are being sold for tens of thousands of dollars.


Thangka is only a single division of paintings. There are art galleries in many places in Kathmandu full of impressive paintings. You can get your hands on nature, landscape, illusional and traditional among other categories in these galleries.

Landscape paintings which resemble the unique topography, tradition and lifestyle of the simple Nepalese people are recommended.

The prices of such paintings vary according to whose gallery you are stepping on. The price can start from anywhere around 4000 Nepalese Rupees. You can also try out the rice paper items for souvenirs.



Cashmere/Pashmina is the ultimate clothing accessories. Each and every fabric that contributes to the making of this exquisite body wear is made up of the mountain goats of the Himalayas. You can only extract six to seven ounces of fur from a single goat in one season. That is how rare those things are.

And so, the price tag that comes along with these clothes that has been donned by the Royals for generations might be considered hefty. But the value you will get from that hefty price at least matches the price if it does not exceed it.

The Pashmina clothing items that you can buy in Nepal includes but is not limited to shawls, tops, trousers, sweaters, etc. Add to this list yourself after visiting one.

Dhaka Topi/ Bhadgaonle Topi with a Badge

Dhaka Topi is something that is symbolic of the mountains. It design resembles the physical structure of the mountains with the tip of the cap (topi) curving upwards.

Many foreigners can be spotted wearing these “Topis” in their early Nepalese days. But as the day wears on, they find it hard to keep it up.

Bhadgaonle Topi are a bit different to the Dhaka topi. The textile used is different and the look is also a bit different. These caps are black while the Dhaka Topi is firmly designed with Dhaka Designs.

The badge usually is two Khukuris leaning forming an alphabetical X. This is the icing on the cake.

A selfie with a Dhaka Topi might as well earn you thousands of social media likes and shares if you share it with the right people (Nepalese).

These Topis are also very cheap. You can buy them for as less as 2 dollars.


Nepal is home to some of the unique jewelleries. The jewelleries that you can buy here are directly influenced by Hindu and Buddhist culture. These souvenirs can sometimes be made of ‘Ratnas’- precious stones acclaimed to possess spiritual and psychological effects.

Jewellery is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Nepal. You can wear them basically everywhere: in the clubs, pubs and parties of any kind.

The prices of these Jewelleries will be determined by the type of Ratnas that are being used in the Jewellery.


Final Word

Shopping in Nepal is a hectic affair. There are so many choices for you to choose from. And there are also those who fake the original items. So, stay away from them. The cheaper Chinese copies can be found all over the market. The prices in most of the cases are negotiable. Get yourself ready for a bargain!


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